Light Fingered Larry book

Light Fingered Larry is the third in the series.

Larry is a Very Naughty Octopus! He likes nothing better than sneaking about pinching other people’s things. Slippery and sly, his eight tentacles are constantly up to mischief. They grab things and stash the booty in his deep–sea den.

Nick- nickity- nick- nick- GONE!

But when Larry goes too far and steals everything from Kiki Koala’s kitchen, events take a dramatic turn and the naughty octopus gets a BIG surprise. Will Larry mend his ways? Read the story to find out!

Here are some sketches and artwork from the book. This was the last book I made using watercolour and collage.


Kiki sketches

Kiki sketches from light fingered larry

Kiki and Larry unfinished artwork

Kiki and Larry jan fearnley

Light Fingered Larry Nicking Stuff

Light Fingered Larry Nicking Stuff

Officer and Larry

Officer and Larry jan fearnley book

Rosie and Larry

Rosie and larry